London River vs. Milana Ricci

Topless Boxing

30 Min – 708 MB – High Definition


Milana Ricci comes home from a long workout at the gym, throws her dirty clothes and bag down on her bedroom floor and jumps into bed, falling asleep almost immediately. Minutes later, London River sneaks into Milana’s bedroom wearing a tiny black top, thong underwear and her blonde hair up in a ponytail. London quietly sneaks over to Milana’s bed and bends over to lift up the covers, London’s big meaty ass envelopes the small white thong as she gently gets into bed with Milana. London scoots closer and closer to Milana, spooning the small tight bodied brunette. Milana is startled to find herself being fondled by a more powerful woman. Milana tries to fight London off, but this only makes London laugh. Finally Milana escapes London’s grip and in anger challenges London to a boxing match in the DT ring. London happily agrees and the next day they meet, topless and barefoot in pink and purple satin shorts. The bell rings and the bouncy Milana floats around London, but this is futile, London stops Milana in her tracks with a crushing slug to the gut. Will the powerful, big-titted London River walk right through the tiny Milana Ricci or could Ms. Ricci pull off the upset of the century in this sexy David and Goliath video?


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