Hollywood vs. Erika Jordan

Pro-style Ring Dominance

31 Min – 736 MB – High Definition


Erika Jordan is looking for some real competition but seeing Hollywood enter the ring she only sees someone older and scoffs at this as no completion — she does not know about all the decades of experience this beautiful lady has, she is about to find out.  Soon we are in the throws of battle and I mean that literally as Holly throws Erika into the turnbuckle dazing her and this is just the beginning of the onslaught.  Erika even looks stunning in defeat, she is thrown from one end of the ring to the other as Hollywood has her way with this impudent lass.  This is a lesson Erika will never forget as over and over with each devastating hold she is forced to submit but one submission is not enough, no – this has a thirty minute limit so the destruction will continue for all that time.  The chokes, the stretches, the tangles – all the great holds of pain Hollywood has learned all these years, she employs them all on this mouthy beauty and after each one this loser has to raise the arm of our winner, the pain is accompanied by the humiliation AND IT CONTINUES FOR OVER THIRTY MINUTES !!!!!!


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