Kianna Dior vs. Skylar Rene

Topless Ring Catfight

25 Min – 585 MB – High Definition


Skylar Rene and Kianna Dior are fighting over the same man today. Kianna has a gorgeous pair of giant tits, while Skylar has a big round ass and powerful thighs. Both of these women are famous for their masterpiece body parts, but today they are here to answer the age old question of: “What is more important, tits or ass?” Kianna’s massive knockers are already bare and she shakes them for Skylar, who in turn, bends over the top rope and pops her big butt out for the camera to see. The fight starts with a test of strength that somehow devolves into Skylar scissoring Kianna’s head while Kianna pulls Skylar’s top down revealing her perky, but relatively small natural tits. Kianna laughs at Skylar’s “small rack,” which enrages Skylar. She retaliates for all big bottomed babes by sitting on Kianna’s face and knocking her out with that big jiggly ass. After watching this video I still can’t decide what is better, tits or ass, but I sure had fun contemplating the question, and you will too. Sit back and enjoy as the best ass in DT takes on the biggest tits in female wrestling.


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