Christina Carter vs. Cassie Del Isla

Topless Office Dominance

29 Min – 681 MB – High Definition


Christina Carter is sitting on the DT interview couch, topless, and her big knockers are a glorious sight to see. Christina is disappointed that there are no more new girls for her to squish. However, the camera man has a surprise for Christina. He informs her that there is a new young beauty in the changing room getting ready for her match later that day. Christina beams with excitement as she hops off the couch and rushes to the back. She opens the curtains to find the stunning Cassie Del Isla in the makeup chair. Christina introduces herself and asks Cassie if she will join her for a quick squishing match, but before Cassie even has a chance to decline, Christina grabs her by the hair and drags her into the living room. Cassie is taken aback, but she stands up to the bully and removes her top, showing off her perky and full pair of tits. Cassie puts up a valiant effort, but it isn’t long before Christina picks her up and smashes her into the wall, pulverizing the smaller Cassie with the bone crushing weight of Ms. Carter’s giant jugs. Christina squeezes and squishes her adorable victim, making her her new little toy worship her buxom master.


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