Dee Williams vs. Sarah Taylor

Topless Ring Catfight

22 Min – 534 MB – High Definition


Dee Williams is sitting on her couch in a sexy white bikini taking selfies. She pulls her top down to make sure she shows her massive jugs in the selfie. The smile melts off of Dee’s face when Sarah Taylor storms into Dee’s house accusing her of sending nudes to her husband. Dee laughs in Sarah’s face as Sarah explains that, “no one is taking her man.” With a wide smile Dee says, “if I want him, I will take him.” Sarah immediately challenges Dee to a fight, which she agrees to, but adds that it must be a multi-fall submission match. The women face off in the DT ring, Dee is in her white bikini and Sarah is in a gold metallic bikini. The corner bell rings and Dee grabs Sarah with dominance. She drags Sarah to the mat and puts a rear naked choke on her before sitting on her face with that big heavy ass of hers. It looks like this is going to be a quick fight until Sarah bites Dee’s pretty ass and reverses the position. Sarah then removes her own top as well as Dee’s, exposing two glorious pairs of tits. Dee is taken by complete surprise. Could the smaller Sarah upset one of the meanest fighters in the business? There is only one way to find out!


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