Serene Siren vs. Erika Jordan

Topless Violent Catfight

21 Min – 504 MB – High Definition


Erika Jordan and Serene Siren are naked, lying in bed next to each other – battered, bloody and bruised from one hell of a fight as they slowly turn to each other, surely they are done — no, not when there’s this much hate. Could these near naked bodies look any sexier, no, these are two of the hottest ladies to ever get bloody. They stand on the bed as we are blessed to peer through their incredible asses as they take turns smacking the hell out of each other, one hit so hard it throws that amazing body into the wall, now it’s her turn as she smacks the blonde so hard she hits the back wall, over and over the bodies get even more abuse – more blood and bruises. And this is just the beginning of this amazing battle, breast to breast, butt to butt and pussy to pussy – the blood smears across their whole body as they roll from bed to floor. They rip the panties off so they can mutually gouge pussies, they just won’t quit. Yes this is a bloody mess but even bruised and battered these two look so sexy, now bloody and bruised isn’t for everyone but these two amazing beauties make for some great entertainment !!!!!!


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