Hollywood vs. Serena Blair

Topless Ring Catfight

23 Min – 541 MB – High Definition


Serena Blair is wearing a stunning electric blue bikini, which contrasts her raven black hair. She seems to force a smile for the camera man when he asks her about today’s match against one of female wrestling’s greatest competitors, Hollywood. Serena says she isn’t worried because she thinks Hollywood is a “has-been.” Cut to, Hollywood glaring at the much shorter Serena. Every cell in Hollywood’s body is screaming to punish Serena for her lack of respect. The bell rings and Hollywood stomps to the center of the ring and puts one hand high in the sky to call for a test of strength. Serena reaches up but can’t quite reach, which makes Hollywood laugh. Finally, the test of strength begins and the ladies grunt until Serena drops Hollywood with a knee to the crotch. She walks the legend around the ring by yanking on her ponytail while Hollywood whimpers. Little Serena Blair seems to be a hell of a lot tougher than she looks. However, theres no way Hollywood was going to go down without a fight. She surprises Serena with a right hook to the body and before Serena knows what’s happening, Hollywood has removed Serena’s top and is beating the snot out of her. This is a glorious rollercoaster of a catfight and you are going to love every minute of it.


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