Randy Moore vs. Celeste Star

Pro-style Bikini Match

26 Min – 642 MB – High Definition


RANDY MOORE, you want her, we got her – she is back and ready to rumble. Randy waits on the outside of the ring and when introduced she struts in as only this beauty can, then stretches showing off her incredible figure – yes her body is as good, if not better than before. Her opponent, the super cutie Celeste Star who has also come back after years off, both are so ready for this grappling reunion. They meet in the center and lock hands for a sustained test of strength, these amazing bodies strain, muscles flex as back and forth they battle till Randy forces Celeste down where she can slug her gut driving her into a corner so she can batter that sweet gut even more. Then to the ground where Randy’s muscular gams squeeze head and gut till Celeste is subdued with a cross body pin. Celeste does the sexiest crawl back to her corner but do not count this babe out – no, Celeste is one of our toughest. She comes back with another incredible test of strength, then to a body stretching bow and arrow where she really shows off Randy’s amazing figure. Multiple falls show off the wrestling skills of both these ladies as each takes control with holds, blows and pins. Straining beauties at their best, wrestling and so much more — Randy is back and you are going to love her, get ready — wrestling can be BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!


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