Christina Carter vs. Erika Jordan

Nude Ring Dominance

31 Min – 749 MB – High Definition


Big beautiful naked butts bent over the ropes, what a great opening. Yes, both Christina Carter and Erika Jordan are waking up bent over the ropes as we get that great rear view – BH’s Bitch is written on each ass. Erika is very angry as she accuses Christina of making BH so angry he retaliated against them, so angry she attacks poor Christina choking her in the corner as she slugs her gut and kicks her pussy and this is just the beginning of a one-sided onslaught that includes: devastating head shots, chokes from all angles, pussy attacks, camel clutches, gut blows, claws, turnbuckle slams, kicked out of the ring, collared and dog walked, humiliated and sooooo much more. But when Eriks is sure she is finished with her victim, HE shows up — that’s right BH has come to check on the ladies and he has some surprises in store for them !!!!!!


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