Cassie Del Isla vs. Sarah Jessie

Nude Office Catfight

20 Min – 483 MB – High Definition


Cassie Del Isla and Sarah Jessie are interviewing for the same job title and both women are extremely motivated go-getters in the business world. They have immaculate figures with big perky tits, tiny waists, and not an ounce of fat to be found anywhere. The ladies are wearing perfectly fitted pencil skirts and blazers that really show off their slim hourglass shapes. The interviewer explains to Cassie and Sarah that this selection process could go either way and further tests will have to be done. This seems to set both women off, they jump up from the couch and face off. The pushing quickly leads to the ladies ripping each other’s sports coats off, showing their big, perky bare tits. The interviewer is taken aback, but he doesn’t get in-between them, he simply sits back and keeps recording, as upper management may want to see this for the selection process. Cassie and Sarah are so incensed that they remove their high heels and use the sharp stiletto heels to jab and poke and one another’s breasts. Cassie tries to crawl away, but Sarah grabs her skirt and thong and peels them off of her perfect body. Cassie quickly removes the rest of Sarah’s clothes to even the score. Grab some popcorn because you are going to love watching two of the hottest bodies at DT going at it in this nude catfight.


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