Erika Jordan vs. Sarah Brooke


DT-1620HD/Time: 21 Minutes / 508 MB

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Erika Jordan and Sarah Brooke are two of the greatest tit fighters to ever battle in the DT arena. They have quarreled since the beginning of their careers and today they are finally going to find out who is the greatest tit fighter in women’s wrestling history. This bout begins with a round that requires the women to tit fight without their hands. They are already topless and their nipples are nice and hard. Erika and Sarah put their hands behind their back and run at each other over and over again slamming their breasts together. When the bell rings and the first round is over, the women rehydrate and take some time to spray their tits down with water so that they look better during the fight. Round two allows them to use their hands. Hardly a minute passes in the round before Erika and Sarah latch on to one another’s nipples and start pinching and twisting. Their moans go from a low thudding to a high pitched squealing. Erika drops Sarah to the carpet when she starts digging her nails into her soft fleshy meat pillows. The two wrestlers then bite each other’s breasts in a beautiful sixty-nine variant before taking all of their clothes off and repeating the act with crotch biting instead. You are definitely going to be entertained with this one.