Erika Jordan vs. Cassie Del Isla

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Apartment Catfight Match

DT-1657HD/Time: 21 Minutes / 512 MB

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The Tit Fighting Championship – that’s what these two are fighting for and who else would be in this championship than two of the very best: Erika Jordan and Cassie Del Isla. We so love these two, so having them in this championship is a dream come true. They start off in tight black shorts and cut off t-shirts but to get their tits ready we spray the chests, now it’s wet t-shirts. With hands behind their backs they ram that succulent chest flesh, back up and ram those sweet breasts together harder. Who can take the most – who can dish out the most, grab that waist and pull for a tight bear hug as tits are squished together. Time for a break and more spray, back at the ramming but soon our two beauties have too much anger and energy, the tops are literally ripped off and now these amazing bare breasts can really do battle. They start out ramming but soon they can’t help it, the bare tits are just too ripe a target so the hands come into action. Both ladies gouge and pinch these sweet mammaries, oh and when Cassie gets on top of Erika on the couch and gets her hands around Erika’s nipples, well – I have never seen Erika’s nipples so erect, such a gorgeous site and it’s the end of the first round – won by Cassie. Time to get more spray on their naked breasts to ready them for the next round and this one is really amazing because Erika wants revenge so biting is added to the fight, then Cassie wants more and the bottoms are ripped off, now the naked warriors really go to town on both breasts and even pussies – they just can’t help themselves. They do a 69 on both breasts and pussies and watching these two perfect naked ladies rolling together is utter joy – JOY YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS !!!!!!