Erika Jordan vs. Nadia White


DT-1669HD/Time: 24 Minutes / 588 MB

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Nadia White is pretty new to DT and she is brand spanking new to tit fighting. The scene opens on a close up of her pretty ass shaking for the camera. Nadia turns around for the camera and she is jiggling her big natural tits for us. She is wearing nothing more than a small purple g-string. Erika enters the picture with a big confident smile on her face. Her washboard abs barely move when she shakes her soft round breasts for our viewing pleasure. Erika takes her boobs in both hands and starts slamming them into Nadia’s fragile, untested tits. Worry spreads across Nadia’s face as Erika pushes Nadia up against the wall and pressures her with unrelenting and heavy tits. Erika releases her whimpering victim and she slides down onto the floor. Erika bends over at the waist and pinches Nadia’s nipples until she is screaming for help. Just when it looks like this match is all but over, Nadia bucks Erika off of her and mounts her for some breast smothering and nipple biting. I’m not going to give away who wins, but just know that the loser has her massive tits smashed against a pane of glass and it looks very hot from both sides of the glass.