Serene Siren vs. Erika Jordan

HD DOWNLOADABLE Bikini Boxing Match

DT-1616HD/Time: 29 Minutes / 681 MB

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Erika Jordan has a big match today. Backstage, she stares into the mirror and gets herself psyched up for what will be an absolute war. She is wearing a white sports bra, green boxing shorts, and boxing shoes. Her cut man puts the boxing gloves on her and laces them up. In the ring, she faces off against Serene Siren. Serene is probably 4 or 5 inches taller than Erika. She uses her length well when the bell rings. Erika has a ton of fight in her, but Serene stays on the outside and uses her longer jab to punish Erika. Serene senses blood in the water and drops Erika with a right hook. The ref can barely start counting before Erika is back on her feet. Erika uses this as a wakeup call. She returns the favor by sending her own barrage of hooks at Serene, sending her to the canvas before the round is over. It looks like Erika might get a second knockdown, but then the bell rings and both women go to their corners, happy for the reprieve. The coaches give the fighters water, but it isn’t long before the 2nd round is starting. If you are a fan of hyper realistic female boxing matches between two hotties, then you need to see this.