Christina Carter vs. Erika Jordan

Nude Punching Fight

23 Minutes – 596 MB – High Definition

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Erika Jordan is standing in the DT ring completely naked talking to the camera about how Christina Carter wants another ass whooping from her. She can’t help but laugh at how ridiculous Christina is, but Erika is a little more serious when she finds out Christina’s proposed rules for the match. Christina wants Erika to only be able to defend for the first five minutes of the match (no offense), in addition, she wants Erika to have her right hand tied behind her back. Erika is more than willing to fight under these conditions, but boy does she make fun of Christina for needing such a handicapped rule set. The first round starts and Christina comes out throwing haymakers at Erika’s pretty face. Erika bobs and weaves, easily slipping all of Christina’s punches. Christina is wearing a red bikini top, black robe, high heels, and no bottoms. Christina is beyond frustrated that she can’t land anything on Erika so she removes her robe and high heels to give her some more freedom of movement. However, it is too little too late as the defensive five minutes is now up and Erika is free to pick Christina apart with her crisp jabs and left hooks. Erika drops Christina and laughs as she removes the rest of Ms. Carter’s clothing. You should purchase this video if you would like to see Erika Jordan turn Christina Carter into her personal slave.