Erika Jordan vs. Cassie Del Isla

Topless Apartment Catfight

20 Min – 472 MB – High Definition

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Erika Jordan and Cassie Del Isla are two of the hottest stepmoms on the block, but they cant stand everyone comparing them. Their stepsons hate each other as a result of this feud. This morning Cassie invites Erika over to surprise attack her. Cassie tells her stepson to hide and watch the whole fight so that he can see how to defeat Erika’s son. Erika shows up and these hot stepmoms face off in their tiny jean short and halter tops, which quickly erupts into violence. Erika grabs Cassie and rips her top off, exposing her perfectly perky tits. She proceeds to choke Cassie with her own top until Cassie’s eyes roll into the back of her head. Cassie comes to and fights through Erika’s superior skill to remove Erika’s top and eventually knock out the ivory skinned brunette. Cassie invites her stepson to come out of hiding and look over the other woman’s limp and topless body. However, it is’t long before Erika regains consciousness and puts an absolute beatdown on Cassie, all while Cassie’s stepson has to stand there and watch the superior woman dominate his stepmom. Pretty hot huh? Maybe you should check out the full video then.


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