Sarah Taylor vs. Isabel Love


22 Min – 536 MB – High Definition

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NEW GIRLS – BEAUTIFUL NEW GIRLS – BEAUTIFUL NEW NUDE GIRLS.  DT does it again, finds some wild new talent, now Sarah Taylor has been seen and was a big hit and now she pairs up with Isabel Love to offer some real entertainment because they may be new but boy are they game.  These two are so beautiful together, one blonde and the other a striking brunette.  We start off with one great view as sleek Sarah is in the middle of the ring in a head stand as she does her bicycle movement and stretch – very striking, Sarah is a gem.  Now Isabel strolls in and with some of her acid tongue we can tell she is eager get it on, and what a treat, these ladies are naturals as they take turns getting each other in the corner and working over their breasts and pussies.  On the mat they really let it go, like when Isabel has one hand on Sarah’s breast and the other on her pussy, she squeezes both, or when Sarah pulls Isabel’s beautiful ass high so she can spank and work over her pussy from behind, or when Isabel puts Sarah in a match book and really works over her bottom and we get such a great view.  Yes these babes are new but boy are they ready for the big time – so get ready — we got em and you will love em !!!!!!


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