Erika Jordan vs. Serene Siren

Topless Apartment Catfight

30 Min – 724 MB – High Definition

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Erika Jordan and Serene Siren used to be best friends, but the fickle nature of female friendships is on full display here as their mutual interest in the same man has led to the disintegration of the friendship and stoked a deep fiery hatred. Both women are wearing Daisy Dukes and tiny midriff shirts and boy do they have the bodies to show off in those risque outfits. In order to not get in trouble, the girls have to pretend like they are still friends, but at the end of the year, once school gets out, they can finally have it out with each other with all of the violence they have been dreaming of. The end of the school year has finally come and Erika and Serene lock themselves in a bedroom and immediately start grabbing and ripping at each other’s clothes. Serene uses her claw like fingernails to grab Erika by the crotch, over her jeans, she screams in pain, but only gets released when she scratches Serene’s bare tummy, leaving deep red scratch marks. Erika and Serene become grunting and biting beasts and by the end of the video their bodies show the massive damage by way of purple bruises and bloodied faces. If you want to see a topless brunette and a topless blonde ripping one another to shreds… check this video out.


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