Skylar Rene vs. Lulu Chu and Kimmy Kim

Topless Ring Dominance

20 Min – 498 MB – High Definition

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Skylar Rene and Lulu Chu are waiting for Kimmy Kim to show up – so Skylar can teach her a lesson for cheating on Lulu.  Now both of these ladies are beautiful petit Asians and we do love our Asian babes, so get ready because this match will fill you up.  Poor sweet Kimmy, she is not ready for this big beauty and Skylar is in one of her mean beat-up moods.  Soon tiny Kimmy is in the corner, dizzy from all those blows, both head and gut are sore and about to get worse as Lulu holds her while Skylar uses her foot to choke her.  Next Lulu puts her in a killer choke hold and then it’s time to strip their prey, now we are treated to that sweet petit figure that gets draped over Skylar’s broad shoulders.  Wow, could domination get any better – YES, Skylar is bored and doesn’t like that Lulu has turned on her friend – so now it’s her turn to feel the sky fall as Skylar rips her top off and puts her in a rib breaking bearhug, then a choke and a back breaker.  Next she goes off on both babes with all her tricks, holds and blows – even hangs one from the ceiling and makes her…. Oh you just got to see it all.  Get ready  — SKYLAR WELCOMES TWO NEW ASIAN BEAUTIES !!!!!!


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