Christina Carter vs. Erika Jordan

Topless Wrestling/Boxing

27 Min – 637 MB – High Definition


Christina Carter is the boss of a women’s only fight club. She is relaxing in the club headquarters when a rude little nubile named Erika Jordan enters and demands that Christina lets her into the club. Christina scoffs at the idea when she sees how petite Erika is, but Erika is absolutely fearless and challenges Christina to a fight. Christina is actually excited to beat the snot out of Erika. She removes all of her clothing except a small black thong and jumps in the ring. Erika wears a tiny red thong and the women immediately start exchanging uncontested stomach shots. Erika flexes, showing off her six pack, but when Christina lands her blows, both women’s tits jiggle with aftershocks. When the first round is over the girls go to their corners and spray themselves down with water bottles. The next few rounds include wrestling, boxing, and kickboxing. The winner forces the loser to get on her knees and proclaim that they have been dominated by their superior. If you want a little sample platter of female fighting between 2 smokin’ hot brunette babes, then you need to get your hands on this video.


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