Ariel X vs. Erika Jordan

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Ring Catfight
Match (Erika nude; Ariel topless)

DT-1641HD/Time: 25 Minutes / 601 MB

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Ariel X is getting warmed up for tonight’s show. She stretches and starts warming up her muscles. Ariel is mildly annoyed, as usual, when Erika Jordan steps into the ring wearing a red version of Ariel’s green jacket and a cheetah print bikini that belongs to Ariel. “Why are you wearing my clothes?” Ariel questions Erika, who merely smirks in Ariel’s face. Ariel gets in Erika’s personal space to intimidate her, but when that doesn’t have the desired affect, she circles around the back and puts Erika in a standing rear naked choke. Erika’s pretty face slowly goes to sleep as Ariel lets her drop to the mat like a sack of potatoes, and the match hasn’t even started yet. When Erika wakes up, the bell rings and the girls really go at it. In bikinis, knee pads, and wrestling boots, Ariel and Erika put on the show of their career. Ariel puts Erika in a grape vine that leverages so much pressure into Erika’s lower back that its amazing she will ever walk again. Ariel gets the pin and then removes Erika’s top as a little trophy of her victory. The match isn’t over though, Erika traps Ariel in the corner with her wrestling boot planted firmly in Ariel’s neck. You will love this match featuring two topless and athletic honeys and as an added bonus, the loser gets her g-string removed for all of the audience to enjoy!