Erika vs. Capri


DT-1646HD/Time: 22 Minutes / 525 MB

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Capri is wearing a neon yellow thong and that is it. Her amazingly plump ass is perfectly framed by her bright thong and her tits are just as big and perky. Capri leans in to the camera and exclaims that her “ass is the best ass there is.” Erika Jordan laughs a big belly laugh from the other side of the ring. Erika thinks her ass is the best ass in the business and where Capri’s butt is just big, Erika’s butt is a product of years of squatting and weight training. Erika says that her ass is more muscular and therefore more powerful. She bends over and touches the mat to show the camera how perfect her cakes really are. Capri and Erika agree to a multi-fall pin match where you can only pin your opponent with your butt. The women lock up in a collar tie and then twist their hips and step inward so they can bump the other girl in the stomach with their big butts. Erika knocks Capri down and quickly sits on her chest. Capri tries to bump her off, but it is no use and she eventually taps. These girls have tons of energy and go back and forth with their knock downs and reverse school girl pins until the loser is forced to worship the pretty ass of her conqueror. This is a fun butt centered catfight that is sure to satisfy any fan.