Capri Cavani VS. Erika Jordan

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Dress Match

DT-1631HD/Time: 22 Minutes / 492 MB

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Capri Cavani and Erika Jordan are at it again, sexy long dresses are the preferred garb in this match — oh, and just seeing these babes pose in these tight sexy dresses is a real treat – Capri turns in her red dress and her butt cheeks burst forth and Erika with her sultry nature is so hot in that long black dress. But enough of the posing, this is still a fight and the majority of this fight is getting those dresses off, and what a struggle that is, each lady strains and pulls revealing pieces of their beautiful figures – a leg here, a breast there and those amazing butts so exposed as dresses are pulled to the extreme. After a Herculean struggle Erika gets that sexy dress pulled off, leaving Capri in her sultry red lingerie, not to be out done Capri eventually gets Erika’s dress off and now both babes are fighting in their erotic lingerie. Still they fight with the dresses as they use them to strangle and bind, each getting the upper hand till eventually Erika gets Capri’s top off but Capri has a surprise for her as she is…. you’ll just have to see. The question is does Capri get Erika’s top off? Only one lady is walking out of this ring, the other is left writhing topless. Undressing has never been so enjoyable !!!!!!