Christina Carter, Goldie Blair, Erika Jordan, Aubrey Black

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Four Girl Ring Match

DT-1652HD/Time: 32 Minutes / 757 MB

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This is your Christmas present to yourself, because when you get this one you are getting one hell of a match. Four naked warriors all vying to be the ONE. And what a foursome: Christina Carter, Goldie Blair, Erika Jordan, and Aubrey Black – now that’s a foursome you know will keep you entertained. They are all trying to be the casting director at DT and they’re in the office to see who gets the job, of course a fight breaks out and they decide the only way is to fight it out – a strip fight with the last girl standing. Soon we are at the ring and our wild foursome is hot at it, Goldie has Christina in a tight headlock as Christina batters her gut and exposed breasts while Erika and Aubrey roll on the mat ripping at their clothes and little by little all those clothes are torn from their beautiful bodies. It takes two cameras to catch all this action and we still didn’t get it all but most, we go back and forth as they switch partners or best of all when all four collide and we have a flesh filled free for all. These are big busty babes and all of them just love getting physical – physical, hell – they love to fight and from their popularity we know you love to watch them fight. They are all nude except for those sexy stockings. In pairs they slug and roll but when they team up it’s spectacular; one on each leg of Goldie as the third holds her arms, they stretch then jam their feet up her crotch as another batters her fulsome breasts then back to pairing off until we get three against Erika – two stretch her arms as another mounts her. I could go on and on, how the destroy breasts and bodies, how they… oh your just going to have to get this one – because it’s four times the fun!!!!!!