Arielle Lane vs. Erika Jordan

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Wrestling and Slugging Match

DT-1651HD/Time: 20 Minutes / 490 MB

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Arielle Lane is back, yes that sleek firm body is aching for more action and Erika Jordan is just the girl to give it to her – in fact Erika challenges her and even says she can knock her out. Arielle is shocked by this and reminds Erika she beat Misty last time she was in town but Erika says she’s tougher than Misty. Now the only thing Erika likes more than fighting is sexing up a beautiful lady, so soon both babes are topless and spraying water on their lucious bodies, then it’s off to the ring to settle this. Erika is so ready and gets off the first series of hard shots to the face whipping Arielle around and into the ropes where Erika follows with even harder blows that send the brunette to the mat where Erika pins her but any lady that can beat Misty must be tough – she is, and reverses this pin putting Erika is a suffocating waist scissor where she flexes those lean muscular legs around that thin waist. Soon they are standing, again Erika uses her bare fisted punches to take control but when they go to the mat Arielle shows her wrestling prowess with chokes, standing leg scissors, and pins – but it’s when they get back up that we have the final slam fest – you hit me, I hit you harder, back and forth – who can give and who can take the most. Get ready because they’re going to batter some beautiful bodies until only one beautiful body is left standing. But what a great ending and I mean that literally because the winner not only waters down her body but spritzes the loser then strips the bottoms off her beautiful butt and we are left with this naked glistening back side – the end is the end !!!!!!