Serene Siren vs. Erika Jordan

Topless Catfight

24 Min – 593 MB – High Definition


Serene Siren and Erika Jordan are biker girls. They wear black leather and blue denim. Erika is the hottest new girl in the biker club. She gets hit on by all of the guys in the gang and this pisses off the other women in the club. Serene Siren is one of those girlfriends and her man has been texting with Erika. When Erika is on her way to meet up with Serene’s boyfriend, Serene sneaks up behind her and subdues her. Erika is at a loss, this powerful hot blonde has total control over her. Erika’s leather jacket opens up and her big tits pop out. They are perky and round and Serene is visibly aroused at the sight of Erika’s incredible body. Serene’s anger seems to oscillate from violence into heavy petting. Serene ties Erika’s hands behind her back and proceeds to fondle and spank Erika’s tight little ass as she yanks up on her Daisy Dukes. With a bandana gagging her mouth and Erika now tied to a chair, Serene has lots of fun terrorizing her new hot piece of meat. If you are interested in watching one bad biker bitch completely own another topless biker babe, then you have to get your hands on this video.


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