Misty Stone vs. Anna Foxx

Nude Wrestling

18 Min – 436 MB – High Definition


They just finished a match where they stripped each other naked, apparently Misty Stone was the winner because she is berating Anna Foxxx who is sitting on the canvas.  We can tell these black beauties have had a wild fight and of course Misty cannot help but add insult to injury as she lords over the aching Anna – don’t get too close because… too late.  The sleek gorgeous Anna is now up and in control and she wants revenge on this mouthy bitch.  From behind we see Anna’s amazing ass flex as she kicks mighty Misty then throws her to the mat where she applies a body stretching bow and arrow followed by a back stretching camel clutch and then to a body scissors that has succulent Misty squirming with pain.  But everyone knows, you can’t keep the Stone down forever – she comes back, now it’s her turn for revenge as she applies a killer full nelson and then both ladies lockup until Misty throws Anna down, now it’s her turn for a breathless body scissors.  We can tell Misty is on a roll as her appealing skin is starting to glisten and before this match is over she will be dripping with a glorious sheen – Misty’s sweat is stunning, her body takes on a whole new appeal as she sparkles and glows the more wild she gets, and she gets wild.  Both ladies have more turns back in control as they dominate with destructive pain – making this on hell of a match.  BLACK BEAUTIES make for some real BLACK MAGIC !!!!!!


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