Kimora Quin vs. Serene Siren

Topless Boxing

21 Min – 472 MB – High Definition


Serene Siren has her pretty blonde hair in long pig tails as she shadow boxes in her corner of the ring waiting for the bell to sound and the fight to start. Kimora Quin stands opposite wearing a hot pink thong and white tennis shoes. Both girls have mouth guards in which keeps them from being too vocal, but some people like their women that way and besides, the hummed grunts and insults are kind of hot. This topless boxing match features two of DT’s cutest stars unleashing wild haymakers on each other. Just when it seems that Serene is going to put Kimora on the canvas for good, the bell rings ending the first round and saving Kimora’s adorable ass. In between rounds the ladies remove their mouth guards and spew insults at on another. However, little by little, Serene starts taking control of the fight and inflicting insurmountable damage upon Kimora. As the bruises accumulate on Kimora’s pretty face, she becomes more and more delirious. She wobbles across the ring and her big brown eyes begin to cross before the inevitable final blow. Sit back and enjoy a pure boxing video with two absolute foxes from the DT stable.


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