Misty Stone, Erika Jordan, Capri Cavanni

HD DOWNLOADABLE Apt. Topless Domination Match

DT-1605HD/Time: 33 Minutes / 774 MB


Are you ready? Are you ready for Misty Stone fulfilling one big fantasy; having both Erika Jordan and Capri Cavanni obeying your every wish – oh yeah, that’s high on the wish list. Well, get ready because Misty bought the company where the other two work and she storms in as both babes are on the couch in their office attire; short skirts and tops with no bras underneath. She knows they have been stealing from the company and she gives them their options: go to jail, worship her toes, or see if Misty’s new necklace really does have supernatural powers – they take the third. WOW, that necklace really does have that power and soon both beauties are under her spell, first thing is get those tops off, how dare these bitches come to the office with no bras on and once those tops are off Misty can’t help but help herself to those luscious tits, next she moves to their sweet asses as she has them bend over the couch. Oh the fun of control, now she has them go after each others breasts as she commands they do it harder and harder, so the nails dig deeper into that tender breast flesh. Then into a 69 position for more butt play as she has them entangled, how sensual seeing these two gorgeous figures so tightly connected. Misty is so enjoying all her play, time for the ladies to really please her and each is ordered to give her a sexy lap dance as she fondles and kisses their sweet butts and breasts — lucky misty and lucky us because we get to watch!! Oh and there’s a big sexy oily surprise in the end and you will love it — so get ready because it’s a fantasy come true !!!!!!