Capri Cavanni vs. Erika Jordan

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Match

DT-1663HD/Time: 19 Minutes / 466 MB

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Erika Jordan is surfing social media while lounging on the couch. She is wearing panties, high heels, fingerless pink gloves and nothing else. She notices that Capri has been talking shit about her online. She immediately boils over with rage and facetimes Capri. Capri is hanging out at home, topless when Erika calls to complain. Capri dares Erika to do something about it. Within the blink of an eye Erika is knocking on Capri’s front door ready to fight. Capri can’t wait; she draws a big circle in the center of her wrestling ring and challenges Erika to a tit fight to see who can knock the other girl out of the circle. The first round is especially fun because the sexy women wobble their hourglass figures around each other on their high heels as they use their tits to push one another like some kind of special ed. sumo wrestling. Capri wins the first round, but this fight isn’t even close to being over. The girls take their high heels off and really get down to business. This makes the sumo wrestling more realistic and leads to Capri and Erika working up a real sweat. If you are ready for a fun and unique cat fighting scenario, you should check this video out.