Capri vs. Erika Jordan

Topless Breast Match

22 Min – 475 MB – High Definition

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Today’s fight begins with a sensual and tense stare down between Erika Jordan and Capri. They circle each other in their matching black bikinis. Their perfectly voluptuous bodies orbit one another until they finally begin their aggression with a test of strength. Erika and Capri’s big tits squeeze together as their fingers intertwine for a long and drawn out test of strength. Just when it looks like one girl is about to win, they release and start to bear hug. With their strong arms wrapped around each other’s lower back their bubble butts pop out for the camera. With no obvious winner from our first two holds, the girls agree to remove their tops and take turns squeezing one another’s massive and perky tits until one of them submits (don’t you wish more workplace disputes could be handled this way). These are some tough broads, with grimaces of unfathomable pain neither woman seems willing to submit. If you are in the mood for a grudge match between two girls who absolutely hate each other and take out their frustration on one another’s big beautiful knockers, then this fight is right up your alley.


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