Celeste Star vs. Hollywood

Pro-style Wrestling

22 Min – 532 MB – High Definition

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She has been wrestling for a long time and she is only getting better; Celeste Star and so appropriately named because she is a star, but get ready because she is taking on a legend — the one and only Hollywood, yes Hollywood who was one of the original G.L.O.W. girls.  Well, just having these two in the ring together is a real treat, but the treat gets sweeter when they collide – a test of strength and a kick has Celeste in control and with chokes and stomps she destroys the legend till she has the first fall.  But this is Hollywood and one fall does not a match make, her anger fuels her as she comes back in the second fall with so many great tortuous holds that poor Celeste can barely walk after losing the fall.  It’s now one to one, which veteran can muster up the energy to finish this one – one of these sweet beauties has to go down and she goes down hard – smashing hard !!!!!!


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