Match 1 -Butts and breasts of demolition, that’s what this fun video is all about. Sinn Sage, Stacey Burke, Francesca Le and Scott burst in on Serena Blair and Celeste Star to teach them a painful lesson, soon they have the two victims in head locks as they kick their beautiful butts, they drag them outside and continue to destroy their nylon clad asses as they walk them back and forth pulling up on Celeste’s dress to kick, poke and hit her vulnerable butt as her breasts fall out of the tight dress, then it’s Serena’s turn, in her tight jeans her ass is destroyed then both ladies are thrown against the wall where their breasts can be gang attacked, twisting and gouging them as each villain takes her turn, then they add some brutal gut slugs. Scott drags Serena to the bedroom and leaves poor Celeste to be tortured by the mean three girls, these bad girls so love destroying poor Celeste, her ass, breasts and gut are pounded as she is gang attacked. Then Scott brings back Serena who is now only wearing her pantyhose and heels and it’s her turn to be gang destroyed, again she is butt walked in a head lock as her behind is attacked, then agin her breasts and gut… this gang loves to destroy and destroy they do. Butts and breasts are gang destroyed and the beauties are left whimpering as they try to comfort each other. The gangs all here… total demolition !!!!

Match 2 -Ariel X and Francesca Le have some smokin’ hot bodies and they know how to show them off as well. Both ladies start the fight off in black panties, bra, and thigh high stockings. The intentions are mean and the hits are hard in what becomes a nasty brawl between DT legends. Ariel begins to take control of the fight, removing Francesca’s top and turning her into a punching bag. This would be the end of the match if it weren’t for Francesca’s best friend, Goldie Blair. The big-breasted bestie quickly turns the table on Ariel. A vicious double team ensues, leaving Ariel knocked out, tangled in the ropes, with dirty panties in her mouth.

Match 3 -Skylar Rene is tall, dark, and ripped. Her six pack ripples as she towers over the platinum blonde pixie standing before her. Skylar laughs in her opponents face. Tara Morgan does her best to fake some confidence, but it is no use. She never had a chance. Skylar manhandles and stomps her tiny foe from the beginning of the fighting until her powerful arms are raised in victorious pride. Tara eventually learns her place and whimpers meekly under the foot of a better woman. If you are turned on by the thought of a beautiful specimen of athletic prowess completely owning a petite young upstart, then you will absolutely love this dynamite match.


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