Match 1 -Celeste Star has been talking some shit about Idelsy Love and when they meet for an interview together the shit talking continues but they both know a match is to follow so when all the insults are done they go to their corners and take off their heels and tops, the short skirts, nylons and stockings stay on. These topless warriors collide and Idelsy surprises Celeste with a kick to the gut and from here on she destroys as on the canvas she batters her till she secures a wicked triangle choke and wins the first fall. In the second fall a raging Celeste comes out and with three devastating kicks she lays Idelsy out on the canvas where she mounts her and pinches her pert nipples then uses her ass to smother her, winning the second fall. Back and forth it goes and where it ends nobody knows but we do know these two will provide us with lots of kicks and slugs and some killer holds – and of course lots of trash talking, and maybe a little blood. The bodies get destroyed as do the nylons and of course one beautiful ass gets kissed, Another great match with personality and destruction, what could be better ?!?!?!?

Match 2 -Hollywood is one giant bitch of a boss. Poor Angela Sommers is doing the best she can. Still, Hollywood berates her flustered underling to the point of breaking. Ms. Sommers takes the stack of papers she has been working on and throws them at her heartless superior. Hollywood’s jaw drops and she demands Angela pick up the mess. This obviously leads to an in office throwdown featuring two hotties in their professional work attire. The pencil skirts are hiked up until each ladies thigh high stockings show. The fight is kicked up a notch when the working girls strip down to their underwear and continue the fight with a little less restriction. This fight is undoubtedly the result of years of blue collar tension exploding in a mess of papers and limp bodies. I’m not sure that H.R. will be able to manage the damage created in this workplace conflict.

Match 3 -This match features two of the bustiest girls in the DT pantheon. Kianna Dior and Jewel Marceau exchange few words before getting down to the nitty-gritty. The bikini clad women gut punch and bear hug each other in one hell of a breast centric cat fight. Kianna and Jewel’s knockers are bared for your pleasure early on in the match. Jewel seems to deal a majority of the damage. Vivacious laughter spews out of Jewel as she delights in her execution of multiple different scissor holds on a quickly weakening foe. The image of Jewel tightening every muscle of her body as she locks in a standing head scissors on a groggy and now quivering Kianna is one that may never leave you. If you are a fan of big titties swinging while their owners fight tooth and nail then you have to purchase this doozy of a catfight.


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