Match 1 -Celeste Star and Prinzzess are standing in their corners wearing nothing but g-strings. They flex, stretch, and bounce as they ready themselves for one hell of a battle. This particular match is part of the Toughest Woman Competition. The rules are thus: each girl will take turns putting their opponent into one of a total of seven submission holds that will be applied for one minute, if the girl taps then the other girl gets a point. The fighter with the most points at the end of the match wins. The first hold is a bear hug. Prinzzess locks it in with unnatural strength for such a small girl. Celeste, with eyes bulging, eventually taps. However, this only makes Celeste angry and animalistic in the execution of the grueling bear hug she plants on Prinzzess. The girls continue this contest with the abdominal stretch, body scissors, arm bar, torture rack, Indian death lock, and figure four leg lock. This match is too fun not to check out.

Match 2 -Tara and Liz Ashley are on one team and they are more than happy to face Emily Austin and Christie. The first duo is clad in nothing but orange thongs. They bend, and smile, and make eye contact with the camera. The camera pans to the angry blondes strutting in the corner wearing nothing but pink g-strings. Emily and Christie pop their hot asses and titties out for the viewers’ pleasure. The contest gets going with a breast battle. Christie and Tara slink happily to the center of the ring and do their best to push each other across the ring using nothing more than their bare tits. After everyone gets a chance to play at tit fighting, the match turns to a tag team cat fight. There are four beautiful girls going head to head in this amazingly hot topless catfight. You will have to get your hands on this video if you call yourself a true DT fan.

Match 3 -Miko Sinz bends over in her purple one piece and shows us her perfect peach ass with an impish smile. Cali Logan twerks her tight ass as she gives the camera a view of the paradise that is her backside. These women are not here to play around. They want to hurt each other in the worst way possible. There are body scissors and Boston crabs galore in this cruel battle. The yelps and grunts are real and palpable. If you want to see two gorgeous babes sweat and scream then this is definitely the video for you. Miko is sweating through her tight little purple one piece in no time. By the end of the match she has soaked her suit almost all the way. Oh what any man would give to wring that one piece out into a glass and savor its contents. There is no reason not to like this match so pay close attention to what may become your new favorite fight.


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