Match 1 – Time for another good old fashioned panty hosed cat fight and today we have the big blonde Victoria Marquez going up against the spunky petit Idelsy Love. So sexy when these two square off and challenge each other, then strip their sexy bras off to begin the fight. Their legs are so sexy in those short skirts, nylons and high heels, especially when they are on the couch with those gorgeous gams intertwined and the skirts riding up to their waist, love those writhing legs. Both these ladies have very succulent breasts, breasts that just invite fingers to dig deep into the soft flesh and oh do those red nails go deep. I just can’t decide which I like better those long tangled legs or those soft gouged breasts – luckily there are lots of both as even when they crawl on the floor they are gouging those tits. Now Vic may be the bigger girl but Idelsy has done this a lot longer so we end up with a very even catfight… pull that hair, cat ball, dig those nails in, from behind, on the couch, on the floor. The blonde and the brunette – two super sexy fems that know what a cat fight is all about !!!!

Match 2 – Angela Sommers and Christie Stevens are at each other’s throats over who is going to be on the cover of Double Trouble magazine. Angela is pretty cocky, but the quiet Christie can only bite her tongue for so long. During their photo shoot Christie tells Angela to put her money where her mouth is. Infuriated, Angela rips Christie’s top off. Angela positions her plump booty on top of Christie’s pretty face until she passes out. The girls continue to take turns knocking each other down and then face sitting one another. Both women quickly find themselves topless, tight skirts hiked up above their asses, and wearing little more than panties and thigh high stockings. The skimpy panties and sultry stockings frame the soft asses as they relentlessly smoosh the fighter’s faces. This is some intense face sitting. At one point, blood trickles down the nose of Angela as a result of Christie riding her face. The match ends with these two beauties topless, battered, and exhausted.

Match 3 – Cali Logan and Celeste Star can’t stand each other. The last time they wrestled, Cali stomped Celeste out. Celeste has never lived down her defeat to the dainty Cali. The fight begins and the girls go after one another like wild beasts. As they disrobe each other, Cali shouts sassy remarks with a giant smirk. Celeste turns bright red and enraged. However, it isn’t long before we can see that Celeste is turned on while grabbing and pulling on Cali’s youthful body. As their bodies writhe and pulse in the chess game of wrestling, both women begin to moan with pleasure. By the end of the fight, they seem to care less about hurting one another than they do about making themselves feel good… or do they? Either way, you are going love watching these brunette beauties try to hurt each other while grinding their crotches together at the same time.


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