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Match 1 – Topless boxing babes in the skimpiest of bottoms: Celeste Star and Cali Logan, equal in size and spunk – got to be a good one. They batter each other hard in the gut then go to those pretty faces, no not the face, too late the hits are rattling their so gorgeous faces. They are looking to go five rounds but the way these ladies are hitting it doesn’t seem like they will make it that far. Each beauty takes her battering and goes down only to get her turn at pinning her foe in the corner and delivering blows that rattle the guts so much their cute little breasts shimmy and shake with the quakes. And that suit Celeste is wearing, oh my, is it possible to have smaller bottoms – no. The drama is so wonderful as each goes down and crawls to get up, their gorgeous slim bodies strain with the effort and pain and in the end one is spread eagled on the canvas. Hold and slug those guts, clinch and hug those amazing bodies, watch them crawl and struggle just to get up for more battering – wow, you gotta love these two !!!!

Match 2 – Charlie Mancini has a new toy. It is an automated camera robot. She is using it to help her film a new home movie for her boyfriend. A few days ago Charlie noticed a hot blonde checking out her man. So she decided to tie the bitch up and film the beat down for her boyfriend’s viewing pleasure. Both women are wearing sexy black bikinis. Charlie toys with her prisoner, Goldie Blair. Charlie pinches and prods the buxom captive. Goldie screams and pleads for help from anyone. Eventually, Goldie is untied, but her abuse is far from over. She is dragged and beaten across the DT wrestling ring. Charlie rips Goldie’s top away to show her man another woman’s gigantic golden breasts. Then Charlie removes her own top. Every time Goldie tries to crawl her way up from the mat, Charlie slams her foot into Goldie’s back. Then Charlie stares deeply into the camera and says, “this is all for you, baby!” However, I’m not sure if that is entirely true, because every once in a while it becomes very clear that Charlie is very aroused by the violence she perpetrates against her helpless victim. Strap yourself in for this kinky, one sided match.

Match 3 – Christie Stevens and Odette Delacroix are both blonde beauties. They bounce rhythmically in their corners waiting for the referee to call them to the center of the ring. Their bare breasts jiggle. Christie and Odette stalk each other, red boxing gloves ready to attack. Their attacks are almost silent as the mouthpiece plumps their lips and inhibits talking. The only sounds audible are the grunts that echo as one girl gives and the other girl takes massive blows. In between rounds the women return to their corners and have cold water drenched across their breasts by a very lucky water boy. Odette, the much smaller fighter, seems to be taking the brunt of the damage. We even get a point of view shot to understand what taking a barrage of punches from Christie is like. However, Odette has a secret weapon. Whenever Christie seems poised to land the haymaker to end the match, Odette lunges forward and plants a big kiss on Christie’s lips. This serves to confuse and anger Christie, giving Odette enough time to counter or escape. Will Odette’s tongue jab give her enough edge to win this match?


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