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Match 1 -Idelsy Love and Niki Lee Young are going to war with each other today. They are armored in high-heeled shoes and some of the skimpiest lingerie I have ever seen. Their battle cries are viscious, and by battle cry I mean shit talking. Idelsy tells Niki that her boobs “are small and uneven.” Niki calls Idelsy’s vagina a “nasty, stinky garbage dump.” These young combatants are ruthless and their end goal is to take the clothing from their opponent. Rather quickly this battle devolve into a dual wedgie match. Both girls stand, grabbing at one another’s flimsy excuses for clothing. In between yanking at their underwear the fighters find time to maul each other’s breasts and crotch. There is a wanton cruelty that is pervasive in this match. I think that is why it is so much fun. If you want to see Niki Lee Young picked up and held in the air by the tiny piece of cloth that she calls underwear, then this is surely your kind of video.

Match 2 -Melissa Jacobs is completely naked. She is furious. She just shot a fully nude photo shoot only to be told by the young photographer that he had to run out and get her money. After two hours Melissa calls him in quite an unhappy mood. Melissa’s call is interrupted by Francesca Le. Francesca tells Melissa that the photographer is her son. Quickly these two firecrackers get heated. Fran wants to show the nude and disrespectful floozy what a real body looks like. Ms. Le gets completely nude. The two bare assed beauties go head to head like it’s a title fight. Both women love to punch each other in the crotch. I’m surprised that one of them didn’t lose a hand. Will Francesca teach Melissa a lesson and make sure her son doesn’t have to pay for the services of some “skinny ass bitch” or will Melissa trounce Fran and leave the knocked out body of the delinquent photographer’s mother as a warning?

Match 3 -Cali Logan is pissed to hear from her man that he has been messing around with a girl that he works with. She wants to show him that she is by far the better woman. Cali asks him to bring the girl by the house after work. By the time they show up, Cali has knocked back a couple of drinks and is chomping at the bit for a fight. Christie Stevens walks in the house unaware of the asskicking awaiting her. As Cali berates the confused blonde, she throws her drink in Christie’s doe-eyed face. Christie goes down crying. Cali strips down to her lacy underwear and thigh high stockings. These girls are red hot, and by the end of the match one of them will be topless and one of them will be completely nude. Can Cali control the entire match or will Christie manage a comeback against her man’s bottom bitch?


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