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Match 1 -Something so striking about these two blondes, topless and doing battle against that black background, so striking and so sexy. Nikki Delano and Alyx Lynx are a great match up for this the Toughest Woman Contest. They have seven holds they will both be applying and seeing who can endure the pain, Nikki apples first with a leg scissors, her muscular legs wrap around that thin waist of Alyx – form the side we see that beautiful bubble butt bulge as she squeezes those muscular legs just under Alyx’s supple breasts. These ladies are so tough and so sexy as they both inflict and endure pain. Next Alyx wraps her gymnast legs around Nikki and it’s her turn to squeeze, both of their tiny waists flex as they strain, so sexy in their struggle. From the scissors we move to arm bars, camel clutches, ab stretches, and two of my favorites; the torture rack as each of these blonde beauties hoists her foe over her shoulder and tries to break her back, their long blond hair falls as they strain from the pressure, and then the hang man and how beautiful it is to see these sexy bodies splayed across the back of their foe as off the ground they are stretched and pulled – so sexy in their pain. So much fun seeing who is the toughest, who can endure the most pain – two super striking blondes make this one a real hit!!!

Match 2 -We all love those one piece tight fitting suits, especially when worn by two of the sexiest ladies in wrestling: Abigail Mac and Cali Logan, oh boy, these two are really fan favorites so seeing them in these slinky suits and boots has us excited even before they start the action. A nice long test of strength finds Abby on the ground in a Boston crab, double then single legged. Soon Abby has the tables turned and now it’s her turn to stretch the lithe figure of cute Cali. Camel clutches, arm bars, chokes, and so many more great pro holds but as much as they try to stay in the pro mode, they slip, yes they just can’t help pulling down those skin tight suits and attacking their delectable breast flesh, smash, gouge and twist those nipples – then they pull the suits up and go back to their pro style work. Those wrestling boots get jamed hard in the back as the arms are stretched, a neck crank, a leg bar, a killer choke and we are headed for a victory. These two pull off pro style like nobody can and with that added twist, twist to those delectable titties – tight fitting one pieces and boots… we love it!!!

Match 3 -Body Slams, airplane spins, breast attacks and beautiful girls, oh yeah! Christie Stevens and Emily Austin are the beautiful ladies who start out topless with an Indian leg wrestling contest, then a breast battle where they use only their breasts to drive their foes across the ring, breasts smash together as they strain for victory. Now for the wrestling where each lady uses body slams and airplane spins to weaken her opponent for the big pin, but before these we are blessed with lots of breast attacks, yes every time one of these cuties has her opponent in a vulnerable position she goes straight for those soft mounds of flesh, in the corner, in a scissors, and in a face-sit their fingers dig deep into the soft mounds of flesh. We all know how beautiful and game Christie is but Emily is a new blonde that hails from Texas and wants to prove herself worthy of a good fight and Christie really gives her the test with gut blows in the corner and lots of body slams, this cute sleek blonde keeps coming back for more as we have many rounds with lots of cross body pins. Even an interview with Emily in the end as two beautiful blondes give it all they’ve got!!!


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