Match 1 -This is a very special match. It is a handicap match featuring a very skinny Star 9 against Christina Carter, Melissa Jacobs, Karlie Montana, Diana Knight, and Kristie Etzold. That’s right, I did not make a typo, a young and rather weak Star 9 is taking on 5 other athletes. This match is utter destruction. The fearsome five have Star 9 crushed almost immediately and it isn’t long after that that they start cheating. All five heels attack Star 9 at the same time, ignoring the handicap tag team rules. Star 9 bleeds, screams hysterically, is stretched to the point of hyperextension, and left as nothing but a husk of a human. This inventive and harsh video not for the faint of heart.

Match 2 -The hits just keep on coming, that’s what we get when two of our sexiest tough girls decide to see who is the toughest and they decide to do it with only boxing wraps on. After an argument in the office Cali Logan and Erika Jordan decide to meet in the warehouse and pound each other till only one is left standing. At the warehouse they take their tops off but leave the jeans on and as soon as they wrap their hands the banging begins. Boy do these girls beat each other up, head and gut, even knocking themselves into the next room where they decide to take their jeans off and they continue in their sexy panties. Over and over they throw rights and lefts, jabs, round-houses and uppercuts till their beautiful faces are stained with blood and their eyes blackened from blows, but on they fight as neiter wants to give. Against the wall, on the couch and finally to the floor as the bashing battle continues until one bloody beauty stands over the other in victory – no longer will their luscious breasts bounce from battering blows, or their long manes fly from fracturing fists – no this bloody battle is finally over and it is fabulous !!!!!

Match 3 -Big beautiful bouncing breasts being battered and bombarded by blows, that’s exactly what we have when two large breasted beauties get ready to rumble; Jewel Marceau and Kianna Dior pull their trunks up high and start topless. I’m not sure what flies more the fists or those bouncy bosoms, lots of gut slugs, head shots and of course they target that inviting breast flesh, with each smack those bountiful mammaries jiggle and shake. Both fighters keep talking trash even though they have mouth pieces in, makes for interesting bantering between the knock downs and there are lots of knock downs because both ladies came to fight. Between rounds they are in desperate need of water, both in the mouth and on their battered breasts as it’s a long bruising battle, so much fun watching these big breasted ladies go at it and for so long, finally one wins and we assume we are through but oh no – the winner decides to milk her defeated foe, yes, she squeezes till she gets that milky flow. This is one wild boxing bout, so if you like big breasts or boxing or both – this is the one !!!!


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