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Match 1 -You need a hot red head fix, we got it – Kendra James, you know and love her as that steamy red head with the sultry body, so who better to pair her up with than the spunky brunette; sexy Idelsy Love. The contrast between them physically is almost as good as the similarity of their personalities; both are hot blooded and ready to fight especially when Kendra accuses Idelsy of stealing her orange bra, both ladies are in the living room in nothing but nylons, bras and pantyhose and these bras are hot and worth a fight. Soon the brunette is on the couch sitting on the red head, her beautiful butt on Red’s wide open legs, just one of the many great views to come. From couch to floor where bras are ripped off and used to choke, then scissors, bear hugs, bow and arrow and of course great breast attacks – I especially like it when sitting crotch to crotch they go after breasts then hair… the red and the black fly. Finally one sexy fem puts on a devastating choke, spanks that ass and leaves with both bras – you know you love these two !!!!

Match 2 -Sling shot bikinis, so small it’s like wearing nothing, that’s what these two hot blondes bring to the ring. JC Marie and Cherie Deville, two of the hottest blonds, both with some real junk in the trunk, yes when these two crawl around on all fours that trunk is the best part of the car, they even give us a nice butt bumping session. And to cool this match down and make it hotter at the same time these ladies are constantly drenching themselves with water, it drips over their breast flesh and round buttocks till their silky skin shimmers. This match is full of cat balling, body to body they roll from one side of the ring to the other with interludes of great breast and butt destruction but always back to the hot rolling and cooling water. Hot, hot blondes wet and rolling – we love it !!!!

Match 3 -Ok, this one is fun, I mean this one is real fun – Tylene Buck and Diana Knight are dressed in their sexy office attire and they’re both applying for the same job – the only problem is they hate each other, I mean really detest each other, so when they end up in the waiting room together the sparks fly and soon they are attaching each other, pulling hair and ripping at their nice suits, but here comes the boss and they quickly look good. He wants to test them and see if they can work together, and it is an absolute riot watching these two try but fail and agin they are in a war – each time he comes back they have to play nice but even when they play nine they are hurting each other, you have to see it to understand but it is great. Watching them rip their clothes off and destroy each others breasts and hair while keeping their glasses on, amazing. I mean this is not only destructive but hilarious watching these two trying to control themselves every time he comes back – wild and funny and so sexy in those super sexy, skimpy, business outfits !!!!


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