Match 1Randy Moore and Diana Knight are talking some real shit about each other, we see them on the phone telling how much they plan on destroying each other. Then they both put on some sexy dresses and nylons to meet at the ring where the trash talking really gets hot, they sit next to each other and each expounds on not only what they think of the other but what they plan on doing to this lesser person, so hot in their short dresses, heels and nylons or stockings, their sexy legs lean on the chair as they stand and tell of the upcoming destruction. Time for the match to start when one lady attacks the other from behind with pounding blows to her kidneys, she pulls down her dress so she can attack those beautiful breasts, then comes the devastating head scissors, but wait the victim now gets back in the game ending with savage kicks that make her foe’s face a bloody mess, yes if you are squeamish this is not the video for you because this loser doesn’t look good, lots of blood runs across her face, over her shoulders and even sprinkling over her ample breasts. One trash talker drinks her own blood, and kisses her foes ass !!!!!

Match 2 -Big destruction of two super sexpots, Melissa Jacobs and Capri Cavanni are both dressed in sexy black tights and wife beater t-shirts, Melissa says that the loser has to put on the mono string bikini, Capri hesitates as the bikini is so skimpy but finally agrees as she doesn’t plan on losing. Looks like she could be right as she takes over attacking Mel’s breasts and crotch then striping her down to her skimpy lingerie. Finally Melissa turns the tables and now it’s her turn to destroy and strip the sexy blonde, she clamps on tight to those sexy breasts for some real mauling and then down she goes to that vulnerable crotch where she attacks from the front and behind, she bends Capri over and slides her hand under that fabulous ass for an assault. Looks like Capri has to put on that super sexy bikini but that isn’t good enough for Melissa, no, she starts this session of annihilation all over again – wow, so much more, seeing that sexy mono suit stretched up Capri’s bubble butt is so so scrumptious – Melissa is so inventive, such sexy destruction and it lasts so Long – big destruction of two sexy sexpots !!!!!

Match 3Alyssa Reese is an insecure young fighter. Today she is facing the dominant, Francesca Le, in what should be a one-sided affair. However, once the fight starts it is Alyssa who is doing all of the damage. This is quite the turn of events and Alyssa takes the chance to relish in her cruel victory. Over and over again the topless Francesca is submitted in the most painful fashion imaginable by the topless Alyssa. These two brunette beauties makes quite wonderful bookends with their perky tits and round asses. If you want to see Francesca get payback for the countless victims that she has piteously crushed over the years then this video might be the only one that could quench your thirst.


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