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Match 1Nikki Lee Young, we love her so – so much we almost hate to see her go in against the infamous Frankie Zappatelli. Topless with her skimpy bottoms Nikki waits for the big brunette, with a yell and a stomp Frankie makes her entrance, insults fly as she looks at this sleek blonde beauty that dares enter the ring with her – Frankie even sets some of her own rules; when she pins the model she gets to destroy her in any way she wants. Oh this one starts out bad, poor Nikki is soon in a head lock that turns into gut slugs and chest slaps, then a crushing full nelson sets the stage for the destruction that awaits the poor little blonde. Filled with chokes, holds and devastating pile drivers, after all this there comes the pin – now the brutal brunette gets to do what ever she wants to the sexy limp blonde. It’s a one sided beat down, the way only fabulous Frankie can do it, and she always does it best when working with super sexy blonde – total annihilation !!!!!!

Match 2 -Best five out of nine, makes for a great multi fall match, especially when we have two gorgeous blondes, oh and we have them; JC Marie and Prinzzess are ready to rumble, but first their topless bodies have to endure a breast challenge – hands behind their back they try to drive their foe into the opposite side, breasts slamming into breasts smashing their poor breast flesh. That contest over we start the match; these two are very evenly matched, JC is a bit bigger but Prinzzess is a bit quicker. Prinzzess shows how strong she is as she easily picks the curvaceous blonde up in air plane spins, body slams and corner action with lots of breast mauling, but JC works hard to get her control and I do believe her body slams are even more devastating and then some smothering face sits, both ladies love to plant their beautiful butts on each others face and then gouge the breasts. Lots of falls full of throws, holds and breast destruction !!!!!!

Match 3 -Here’s the one everyone wanted to see, super tough school girl Alyssa Reese vs. super mean Frankie Zappatelli. Alyssa enters in her sexy school girl outfit, a sucker in her mouth as she casually tells Frankie how unimpressed she is with the big brunette and when Alyssa beats her in a long test of strength Frankie starts to take this sexy school girl seriously. A smothering face sit has the muscular brunette very worried. Frankie struggles back but not for long, no, once the short skirted school girls gets control she won’t let go; face sits, chokes and tons of leg work on the body and the neck. Worst of all she taunts the bad brunette, yes this sexy school girl rubs her the wrong way, both with her fabulous butt and her mouth. So much destructive action, so much fun !!!!!


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