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Match 1JC Marie has made a huge mistake. She owes a good deal of money to Afrika. When Afrika shows up in JC’s dressing room she is angered to find that JC doesn’t have the money. Afrika bends JC over her knee and smacks her plump white ass until it is bright red. The squeeling JC is then picked up and flung over Afrika’s shoulder. JC’s long legs are then spread wide apart for a breathtaking view. Afrika’s cruelty is unmatched. She steps on JC’s hands, wedgies her pussy, and nearly rips something as she pulls JC’s butt cheeks apart. You will surely delight as JC is tied up, gagged, stripped, and forced to give Afrika a lap dance.

Match 2Mira Cuckold is a new girl in the European DT universe. Today, she is facing the DT Euro champion, Amirah Adara. They are taking part in a grueling submission match. The best part is that they these two ladies are wrestling completely nude, and boy do they have some jaw-dropping bodies. Mira and Amirah are real athletes that enjoy the competition that this kind of match brings. The eastern European accents on these broads are adorable as they tease each other. Enjoy the tight bodies on these babes as they lock in body scissors, bow and arrows, and multiple figure four leg locks. You are going to love this European masterpiece.

Match 3Akira is pissed that Prinzzess stole her bikini top. It must be a very nice swimsuit because she is willing to fight to the very end it. It hardly takes more than a couple minutes before they have taken each other’s tops off, and a few minutes later the panties come off too. The physicality of this match is quit impressive. They are rolling around on top of each other and slugging the crap out of one another. The stretches are long and forceful, usually leaving the opponents privates open for public view. When the winner finally does finish se writes in lipstick on the loser’s butt.


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