Match 1Karlie Montana is a DT veteran, but today is taking on one tough client. Misty Stone is ready for anything Karlie has to deliver. This best of nine submission match is custom made for pain addicts like Karlie and Misty. Both women do their absolute best to stretch the legs and abdomen’ of their opponents until there is no spirit left to crush. Believe in the power of pressure because whether it is physical or mental, it tends to be the deciding factor in any real fight. So sit back and enjoy as the physical and mental pressure is increased until one of these young ladies is broken beyond the point of repair.

Match 2Angela Sommers and Randy Moore – what more needs to be said, these are two of the best bodies ever, yes these babes may be from another planet and have come to earth to please us. And please us they will as this is a best out of seven fall match but first we have some intro fun, two contests that set their great assets to work; first it’s a breast contest, their hands behind their backs they press those soft breasts together and push, smash goes the flesh until we have a winner. Next it’s butt to butt as these fabulous behinds are pressed together for an ass contest, hard they strain till one falls behind the behind and loses. Now for the wrestling as these two topless beauties go to battle, and a battle it is with lots of close action of bodies struggling over each other and when those bodies aren’t on top of each other they are body slamming each other or slugging each other in the corner, oh and don’t forget those face sits and with each move they employ lots of breast mauling and even more slugs. Bodies, body slams, breast mauling and gut slugs – two of the best bodies ever – what more needs to be said ?!?!?!

Match 3 -Two tough girls about the same size and they don’t like each other, ingredients for a great match. Celeste Star is in the changing room when Prinzzess arrives and their dislike is readily apparent as Prinzzess bumps into Celeste and the argument starts. Soon the tops are off as they go chest to chest and challenge each other to a fight but no short fight, no these ladies want to hurt each other and make it last, a multi fall match is set and we are on our way to a very long fabulous fight. The spunky brunette takes over hitting our blonde with scores of hard shots, mostly to the gut but many to the kidneys and face – then comes the kicks, how does our sleek blonde take such devastating abuse, her body bruised and battered she finally accepts the lose of the first fall. In the corner Prinzzess is determined to pull herself together which is no small task after the beating she took, she strokes her body with oil, takes some deep breaths and is ready. Whatever she did, it worked as she now takes her turn at domination, mostly with holds, the best is when she picks up Celeste’s leg with one hand and wraps her arms around her neck, then makes her hop on one leg. Out of spite and to multiply the destruction she adds great slugs and kicks, a devastated Celeste accepts defeat, but only of this fall. One to one – and so much more, two sleek beauties that are evenly matched and do not like each other – it’s very long and every bit of it is fabulous !!!!!!


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