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Match 1 -Topless and ready for a hard core wresting match, the two sumptuous blondes; Danielle Trixie and Prinzzess decide to do some warm up challenges before the big match. First it’s indian leg wrestling, as each beauty raises her sexy gam only to slam it into her foes, then strain to pull it down, it’s a best two out of three then they do a quick breast challenge where they smash their supple breast flesh into each other and try to drive across the ring and lastly it’s butts that get blasted together then pushed to their limits. Now we are ready for some wrestling and the bell signals the beginning of a great fight. Prinzzess comes out with a tight head lock, it’s so tight she tries to poke Danielle’s eye out with her tit, next she secures a restraining school girl pin that allows her to totally destroy Danielle’s breasts, then to the corner for even more breast destruction and then, what’s this, did I see that right — a body slam, not one but two then over her shoulder with a fireman’s carry and hard to the mat. Who is this wild woman with all her new throws and carries, poor Danielle is taken totally by surprise. It’s a multi fall match allowing Prinzzess lots of breast destruction time and many more body slams then pins. It’s a wild new Prinzzess and Danny never looked so hot in defeat – two ravishing blondes, one fabulous match !!!!!

Match 2 -She looks so sexy in that championship belt, Capri Cavanni in her mini pink bikini tells sexy Akira it will be a seven pin match with ten count pins, Akira agrees and we are off. A long lock up strains each lady till they both go to their knees, still they struggle till Capri finally gets on top but both are still wildly rolling, their beautiful butts are jiggling from exertion and it’s so much fun to see. Into the turnbuckle goes Akira and then so hard does Capri smash her belly, never saw Capri throw such hard slugs, the top is ripped off so wild Capri can go after the brunette’s vulnerable breasts, then she slams her to the mat and continues to put on multiple pain filled holds till she gets her ten count pin, but this is only the first of many pins. A test of strength starts the next round as their two glorious bodies strain till we are at the ropes for more slugging, one girl takes over but it turns into a wild match where both of them dish out the pain and destruction. I especially love the jump from the ropes into a clothesline that slams one beauty to the canvas. Destruction and revenge how sweet it all is, especially with two such ravishing beauties !!!

Match 3 -Never will thirty minutes move so fast, this is one fabulous show these ladies put on. Frankie Zapatelli is in rare form as she takes on the topless Erika Jordan, now Erika may be smaller and less experienced but she is faster and extremely tough, she shows this in the first few minutes when she gets a head lock choke on the mighty one. Every time Erika gets a move on like when she bounces off the ropes only to clothesline Frankie, or when she throws that great right jaw breaker – it only makes the big brunette even more determined to destroy, and to do so she resorts to her body busting throws, some of her most spectacular body slams and suplexs are used to cripple the hard bodied little beauty. But she keeps coming back, that’s what makes this match last so long, Erika won’t give up so Frankie throws her higher and harder then stomps on her, slugs her and sinks in some devastating chokes, her exquisite hard body is put to the ultimate test as flamboyant Frankie aims for destruction !!!!!


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