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Match 1 -Big, busty, beautiful babes, boxing breasts, how good is this – even better they start out topless – even better yet it’s: Christina Carter and Tylene Buck. It’s a series of contests starting out with a breast punching battle, they slam their tender flesh with those big gloves sending shock waves through their large mammaries, cornering each other as they take turns beating breasts. Nothing but leather on flesh, over and over they pound, one goes down then the other, finally the beating subsides as we have a winner. The next contest is breasts only, no hands allowed to touch, boobs smash into boobs as they slam, slap and ram their now tender breast flesh. Standing, kneeling, lying the breasts are used as weapons as each lady finds inventive ways to strike with her flesh bombs. The last contest is anything goes, gloves are off and hands are aching to dig into some fresh flesh, and dig they do along with punch, gouge and everything else they can think of — ok, it’s not your traditional boxing bout, but if you like big battered breasts then this is the only one !!!!!!

Match 2 -OK, now we’re getting some real boxing! Big bad Billie goes after Paris Kennedy in this action packed bout of pugilism, Billie is so revved up at the opening I was a little afraid for Paris but the red head was more than ready, not only were her skills up to the task but she even held her own in the muscling department as both ladies tried to throw each other around between slugs. It’s a pretty even battle finally getting a knock down in the second round, but both these girls are gamers and the battle is soon back on. Between rounds they get their well deserved drinks and welcome the water that is poured over them. Their bodies glistening they continue the pounding, in the corner they take turns battering guts, then head shots and another is down, slowly now she rises – the blows are taking their toll, once back in their corners they both look spent, the sweat covers their aching bodies. Slowly they come out for the last rounds, but one warrior seems fresher and begins the wear-down, first the gut gets pounded then up to the head, down she goes, but drags herself up for more and more she gets, head, gut – she clinches but still more comes till finally she has no more, one last blow has her down for the count – Wow, what a fabulous boxing bout !!!!

Match 3 -Thai boxing, we love this stuff, they get to use legs and elbows in Thai boxing so let’s bring out our two awesome Asian battlers; Akira Lane runs out topless and warms up showing off her kicks and punches, next out in her Thai boxing shorts and elbow and leg pads is Kianna Dior and she impresses us with her high kicks and elbow thrusts. They both look so hot and so ready to go, but not quite yet, they both need to put in their mouth guards and then the rules: the first lady to get three KOs wins. Now remember not knock downs but KOs because they each hit the canvas several times from hard blows or kicks. Blows from both hands and feet shake their bountiful breasts till finally we have our first KO. The second KO comes after another hard battering and knocks our fighter down so hard she loses her mouth guard to the canvas. It’s two to nothing and leader comes out and attacks the breasts, pounding away at them in the corner, but wait here comes her opponent, she clinches then does some nice close in Thai kicks and gains the edge till finally she gets a KO. The fight rages on, each getting kicks, punches and elbows, battering: guts, kidneys, breasts and everything in-between . Two super hot Asian babes showing off their Thai boxing skills and we love it !!!!


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