Match 1 -Can we ever get too much of beautiful women in nylons rolling around on each other, never, especially when those ladies are as beautiful as Capri Cavanni and Melissa Jacobs. They start off on their knees, and soon Melissa has her pert breasts in Capri’s sweet face, their goes her foot hard in Capri’s nylon clad crotch, no padding under these nylons, no panties on here – all nylons, only nylons, tight they cling, showing off the beautiful legs and butts of these young beauties. Capri next takes control and she seems to really love dishing out the pain, now it’s her beautiful mammaries covering Melissa’s cute face, then a tight leg scissor where we see those nylons strain. Oh and that corner action, seeing Capri slammed in the gut her thin waist accentuated by those tight nylons and Melissa’s thick mane flies wild as she throws blows to face and gut. They stretch each other giving us those amazing groans and moans that only these two sexy ones have — they love it so you’ll love it !!!!

Match 2 –Christina vs JC Marie -Butts, butts and more beautiful nylon clad butts, yes, these two sexy ladies have derrieres made to grab, spank, rub and bounce on. And they do all of this and much more, they throw in all the great holds: leg scissors, crotch stretches, breast smothers, face sits, camel clutches, rope work and so much more but always back to those bountiful beautiful butts, even on their knees they go ass to ass pounding each other, sending shock waves through their behinds as their breasts bounce rhythmically to each slam. Roll her up in a match book and spank that butt, a few more chokes and we may be coming in for a landing. Butts and so much more, these are two fabulous ladies that always put on a fabulous show — so get ready to enjoy, because these two always give their all !!!!

Match 3 –Melissa Jacobs and Akira Lane are getting down and dirty in this rollicking catfight. These pantyhosed hoes are ready to show you a true beat down. They start out the match topless and in their corners. They stretch for a bit and then pose very seductively for you. However, all of this is just an appetizer, because when these ladies get their stocking clad gams wrapped around each other the real fun begins. The pantyhose serve to emphasize the wedgies and toe bighting. The great butts on Akira and Melissa are perfectly framed and shaped as the waist of the pantyhose are pulled down just bellow their buttocks. So count your blessings that you get the chance to see this ultra sexy pantyhose catfight.


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