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Match 1 -Do you love big breasts covered in large amounts of warm baby oil? Well, here at Double Trouble Productions we are absolutely obsessed with it. That’s why we went out and got two of the best pairs of tits in the business, just so we could cover those incredible fun bags with boat loads of gooey oil. Taylor Vixen and Cali Logan were excited to hear that they would be covered in baby oil and wrestling for their fans. The girls squirt the liquid sexiness all over their bodies and the floor. Not only do they rub the oil in themselves, but they squeeze their wet bodies together as they wrestle. You are going to love watching these goddesses maul each other’s heaving greasy breasts.

Match 2Capri Cavanni and Erika Jordan are definitely some of the fittest girls in the business. They have perfectly tight stomachs, big perky breasts, and beautiful faces. This video is all about showcasing the awe-inspiring bodies these girls have. Capri and Erika circle each other in the ring for a while. They slowly peel their tight tank tops off, exposing their perfectly round breasts and rock hard nipples. The blonde and brunette get nose to nose and ever so delicately let their pink nipples flick one another. Then the fighting starts. There is a test of strength that shows how long their torsos are. Then there is a bear hug that squeezes the ladies’ breasts together making them look even bigger. Sit back and enjoy.

Match 3Frankie Zapatelli is one badass battle tested veteran. She walks around the ring like a cougar stalking its prey: calm, poised, and focused. Her opponent is Celeste Star, a young and ferocious fighter with a chip on her shoulder. If you like intense catfights with heavy hits and sweaty tits then this is one you can’t miss. These girls ooze toughness. Frankie contorts Celeste into the most painful positions imaginable. Many of Frankie’s intricate holds have scarcely been seen in the DT ring. However, what Celeste lacks in skill she makes up for in dirty tricks and speed. Get ready for a knock down drag out fight that you are sure to love.


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