Match 1 -Two of our sexiest little wildcats in nothing but nylons, Melissa Jacobs and Danielle Trixie. In the ring they fly at each other, oh the energy of these young ones, and what a sexy contrast they are; Mel in her long red hair and Danny in her white blonde mane. Their legs look so sexy in these nylons, it’s no wonder nylon fights have become so popular, seeing the curve of their beautiful butts through the spreading nylons as Melissa mounts Danielle and drops her pert breasts on her. Next it’s the blonde’s turn to dish it out as she straddles red and goes after her breasts, it’s a back and forth battle with great corner action, lots of great scissors and bear hugs and when they bend each other over backwards and slap those asses, well it’s a thing of beauty. And I’m not sure which nylons I like better, Melissa wears the low riders, right at her hip and Danielle wears hers up high on the waist – you decide. So if you want to see a couple of sexy nylon clad wildcats going at it, then this is the one for you!!!!!

Match 2Akira, in her sexy dress tells mark she deserved the match with Ariel and that bitch Randy stole it from her, that blond bimbo should’t be getting a photo shoot because she could have kicked both their asses. Randy has been listening to all this and enters the ring in her sexy photo shoot dress – more heated words have us in a challenge and soon the girls are slowly striping out of their sexy dresses and heels leaving only their sexy bras, panties and stockings. We have a fight, the blonde and the Asian both ready to draw some blood! A grueling test of strength starts us out, that is till Akira kicks a hard one between Randy’s legs, down goes Randy and an ax handle blow puts her flat on her back, then savage kicks to her back – Akira is out to really hurt her. She easily takes the fist fall and not only takes the second fall but takes her top too, poor topless Randy is flummoxed by this beating but is determined to work her way back, she does just that with face-sits, kicks, and breast smothers – she is back in the fight. Randy is so sexy in that garter belt and stockings, she so wants those Asian lips on her round ass but Akira says it’s her butt that is getting kissed — one butt gets kicked and the other gets kissed !!!!!!

Match 3 -So in 1058-01 we saw two of the petit girls go at it in nylons, now for the bigger ladies, and by bigger I don’t just mean bigger bodies but also bigger breasts; JC Marie and Christina Carter are well endowed everywhere, bountiful breasts and butts, these girls came to do some damage with their weapons. Soon those large chests are being crushed with bear hugs, smashed are those mounds of flesh as they are pressed together with the force of these two strong girls, then they use them to smother each other, dropping those fleshy orbs on the face, over the mouth and nose – they struggle for breath as their arms are pinned. Great corner action as they pound hard on guts and breasts, scissors that wrap those beautiful legs around waist and neck, what better way to show off those great butts, through the nylons we see the outline of their beautiful rears. The blonde and the brunette are slamming their bodies into each other, slammin’ and bangin’ that supple flesh, all to see who’s the best fighter in tight nylons. The big girls do it all for our pleasure – big pleasure !!!!!


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